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Fashion at the ACR: It's All About the Boots!

November 18 2014 6:07 PM ET via RheumReports RheumReports

In contrast to last year, where the warm October weather in San Diego prohibited typical fall/winter bootware, this is the year of the boot at the ACR! I am so happy to have brought 3 pairs myself to ensure I fit in with all the different styles I have had the pleasure of observing.

If one drew a Kaplan-Meier survival curve of all conference-goers according to boot type, I think you would see that those wearing black or brown, flat, riding-styled, high boots would survive the longest at the conference, followed closely by ankle-high, flat boots.

An informal survey (conducted by me during a session) confirmed that flat heels were the most common type of heel. However, I was thrilled to see different types of wedge heels in platform style, which give the illusion of height while maintaining comfort and reducing bunion formation.

A few skilled conference-goers are able to get away with high-heeled, pointy boots (not so arthritis friendly) but impressive all the same for the obvious balance, high pain tolerance and spectacular fashion sense those individuals demonstrate.

Maybe next year in San Francisco we can review coats.

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Dr. Stephanie Keeling

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