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What Did You Learn at ACR 2015?

Dr. Andy Thompson  Featured
November 12 2015 1:03 PM ET via RheumReports RheumReports

Well, ACR 2015 is now officially over. Many of us are now safely tucked back at home or on our way. I have a question ... "What did you learn at the ACR that will change your practice?" No, seriously, "What did you learn?" If you're like me, you've taken a week away from your family, closed your office, travelled thousands of miles, and spent thousands of dollars. So, I'll ask again, "What did you learn that will change your practice?" Was the return on your time and financial investment worth it?

You might think that that's a pretty narrow way of looking at things. There are other things that come from attending the ACR annual meeting including new friendships, new partnerships, collaborations, experiencing a new city, and seeing old friends. Perhaps that's enough.

Our RheumReports team has been busy writing away "live blogging" this conference. The team has written over 95 reports and I've read each and every report. But you know what? I also had to stop and think, "What did I truly learn at the ACR?"

You know who learned things at the ACR? Dr. Janet Pope. She just submitted an article outlining her Lucky Seven (7) Learnings from the ACR. Perhaps I should have stayed home and just read Dr. Pope's article ... no way, I had way too much fun, saw old friends, made new friends, ate great food, and drank great wine. I learned just how much I love my work and my family. I hope you learned something just as rich.

See you next year.

Dr. Andy Thompson for the RheumReports Team

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