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Announcing the Launch of the ALL NEW Patient Education Resource!

June 15 2017 4:01 AM ET via RheumReports RheumReports

We're excited to announce the launch of the BRAND NEW! RheumInfo is a recognized and respected online destination for quality patient education, since 2003.

The redesign ushers RheumInfo into the mobile-age and features an expansive content overhaul designed to offer users a better and more informative experience regardless of their device. The disease and medication sections have been carefully curated to pack the most worthwhile information into a compact, consistent, and collapsable format.

New content includes the latest approved therapeutics, such as sarilumab and secukinumab, and every single medication and disease has been thoroughly revisited to ensure more robust and consistent coverage. started as a grassroots effort by Canadian rheumatologist Dr. Andy Thompson to improve the quality of easy-to-read educational materials that were available to patients on the internet. He was concerned that medical information that his patients were finding online was either innaccurate or was too narrow and scientific to be relevant and useful.

As Dr. Thompson developed resources that addressed this issue to use within his own practice, he shared them on the website for the benefit of his colleagues and patients everywhere. Over the years, several expert contributors, creatives, and technical developers have contibuted their talent and expertise to further develop different facets of RheumInfo and build it into the resource that it is today.

As RheumInfo welcomed sponsors to help maintain the site, develop new content, cover translation costs, and ensure compatibility with the latest developments in web and mobile technology, the initiative maintained a firm up-front policy of 100% editorial independence.

This policy is central to the vision of RheumInfo as a source of free, honest, and reliable educational resources. It is rooted in the belief that there is an interest within the greater rheumatology community to develop comprehensive, accurate, and objective patient-focused resources and physician tools that can be advocated by patients, healthcare professionals, and industry alike.

Check out the new >

There are not many websites that have been operating for almost a half decade before the release of the first iPhone. Here's to the ongoing success of RheumInfo and a toast to many more years dedicated to providing quality tools and education in rheumatology. May the next major redesign involve holographic projections, interface with implants in the visual cortex, or whatever it may be that the future has in store!

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