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BioTRAC- What We Can Learn From This Prospective Observational Registry

November 17 2014 3:59 AM ET via RheumReports RheumReports

BioTRAC is a registry that follows patients with RA, AS and PsA treated with either Infliximab or Golimumab as first-line biologics, or patients who have been treated with a biologic for <6 months.  Patients were recruited from 70 Rheumatology practices across Canada.  Recruitment was initiated in February 2002 to 2012 and patients are treated as per physician judgement.

Findings  from the BioTRAC registry were presented today in the "Rheumatoid Arthritis - Clinical Aspects: Novel Biomarkers and Other Measurements of Disease Activity" poster session.

365 - Differential Relative Contribution of Individual Components on DAS28 over Time: An Analysis from the Prospective, Observational, Biological Treatment Registry Across Canada

379 - What Level of Disease Activity at 6 Months Predicts Achieving or Sustaining Remission at 12 Months?

383 - How Low is Low Disease Activity? An Analysis from a Prospective, Observational Registry

In poster #379 the BioTRAC group analyzed 293 patients with a mean age of 56 years and a mean disease duration of 10 years.  The results demonstrate that a DAS28-ESR target of 3.54 or less at 6 months predicts the likelihood of remission at 12 months.  

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Terri Lupton
Terri Lupton

Terri Lupton is a Nurse Clinician with the Division of Rheumatology in Calgary, Alberta. Her primary interest is in rheumatology triage.

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