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Carolyn Whiskin

Carolyn Whiskin
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Carolyn Whiskin, BSc. Phm is currently the director of pharmacy programs for the Charlton Centre for Specialized Treatments in Hamilton, Ontario. She also practices pharmacy at Brant Arts Dispensary in Burlington, Ontario and is the pharmacist representative to the Ontario Rheumatology Association’s Model of Care committee.

Carolyn has a broad practice, but her specialties include autoimmune diseases (rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology), pain management, smoking cessation, and women’s health. Carolyn and her colleagues recently published a vaccination protocol for patients receiving immunosuppressive treatments in the Canadian Rheumatology Association Journal.

In addition to her busy practice, Carolyn helped write the first year communications course for pharmacy students at the University of Toronto, and she has lectured at several Ontario universities. She has written material for continuing education programs for pharmacists, helped initiate the Pharmacist/Physician Collaboration Committee in Burlington, is a member of their Diabetes Collaborative Working Group, and gives lectures and workshops to various healthcare and patient groups across Canada. Carolyn has won many awards including the national “Commitment to Care Award.”

Although Carolyn loves being a pharmacist, she loves being a mom even more. She and her husband have two daughters who are currently attending university.

  • Favourite Food: Hot oatmeal topped with cottage cheese and fresh berries (my daily breakfast)
  • Must have luxury: I hate to admit… a house cleaner
  • Animal that best describes you: Hyena (due to my almost constant laughter!) I have been likened to the animal character “Hammy” from “Over the Hedge” who never stops moving or talking!!
  • Famous person you could be mistaken for: Loretta Swit (during her MASH years)
  • Where you are when you're not working: Rehearsing and performing as a singer
  • Weirdest place you've ever slept: In a phone booth on my university residence floor

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