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Dr. Tom Appleton

Dr. Tom Appleton
RheumReporter, focus on Osteoarthritis & Crystalline Arthritis

Dr. Appleton completed the combined MD/PhD program at Western University in Canada and is now a rheumatologist and clinician scientist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Canada.

In addition to his rheumatology practice, Dr. Appleton oversees a translational biology research program in early osteoarthritis. He has a special interest in the molecular mechanisms of inflammation and synovitis mediating joint damage and symptoms in patients with early OA. Dr. Appleton’s research focus spans various methodologies from big data “omics” techniques in the molecular biology laboratory, to clinical cohorts and trials. He is also trained as a musculoskeletal ultrasonographer and is involved in several local, national and international transdisciplinary collaborative partnerships.

Aside from a rheumatologist and scientist, Dr. Appleton describes himself as a cyclist, father, husband, football fan, outdoorsman, tech aficionado, handyman, health care activist, sous-chef, and wine enthusiast.

  • Favourite Food: Ceviche
  • Must have luxury: Time
  • Animal that best describes you: Elephant
  • Where you are when you're not working: In a canoe
  • Weirdest place you've ever slept: Bluffs on the Crow River

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